Eatable is an ordering platform for restaurants. Eatable allows digital dine-in ordering, makie it easier for customers to order their food wihtout having to wait for a waiter. Eatable also offers order managerment for restaurants, supporting dine-in, take-away, and delivery.

My work was to find ways to make Eatable better for both restaurants and restaurant customers. To do so, we conducted UX research with both restaurants and customers.

We observed and interviewed with restaurant owners to understand the whole process of their operations. The interviews were to understand their expectation from a digital ordering system.

We conducted a diary study with participants who frequently dine-in and order takeaway to understand their behaviors and interactions with different touchpoints of restaurants. LineOA was the main tool for the participants to submit their diary.

We interviewed the participants for deeper understanding of their dine-in and takeaway experience at restaurants as well as their expectations for restaurant services. We also asked the participants to try using Eatable, pretending they were at a restaurant and use Eatable with their own phone.