Linn Dress

Enabling a dynamically adjustable neckline with wearble displays

Linn dress was exhibit at ISWC 2019 conference, London UK

Linn dress integrated wearable displays with controllable transparency, as a technique to control body exposure and alter the look and feel of the dress. Linn Dress presents a novel way to use wearable displays as a cover of the body, rather than the more typical wearable display applications – an embellishment or information visualization channel.

Linn Dress has cut out areas that the wearers can dynamically adjust the transparency of ,revealing or convering the underlying body. The dynamic areas are located at the neckline and in in the back of the dress. The transparency is controlled through the use of electrochomic diplays (DecoChrom), which can switch between two states: higher and lower opacity. This vesion of Linn Dress focuses on technology exploration, particularly to understand the potential and limitations of electrochormic diplsays as a body covering. We found that smaller displays work better in terms of switching time and contrast between states.

This is one of my postdoc reserach at the University of Lapland, Finland, together with Emmi Harjunieni, Heiko Müller, Ashley Colley, and Jonna Häkkailä.

Read more about the work in my paper