K+ and K+ market

Remote usability testings

We were responsible for conducting usability testings before lauching a new version of both K+ and K+ Market.

Ideally, face-to-face usability is more preferrable. However, due to covid-19 situation, we conducted our usability testings remotely. To do so, we built prototypes for both K+ and K+ Market using Figma. Then, sent over the protytpe link to our participants where they share their screen as they are interacting with the prototype according to tasks we assigned to them.

Challenges we encoutered during remote usability testing:

  • Interactions on computer are different from interaction on mobile phones. Scrolling is intuitive on mobile phones. However, we noticed that we always needed to remind our participants that this page is scrollable. Participants also mentioend explicitly that they forgot as this is done through computer and some were not quite familiar with it.

  • We have no control of what happening on our participants' computer. Using prototype feature on Figma for face-to-face computer allows both us and participant to control the prototype. We can go easily go back to different pages using desktop figma, while participants can click and navigate the prototype as they have a converstaion with us. With remote usability, we have to ask the participants to push a certain button to go back to a certain page then we can start asking questions. This disrupts the flow of the sessions and make a session longer than it is supposed to be.

  • Swtiching between several things. Remote usability testing requires participants to use at least 2 things at the same time: a telecommunication software, and a browser for our prototype. They also need to copy an URL or click on a link to open our prototype. Switching between all these pages could be confusing for participants who are not familiar with computer and technology in general. We once have elderlies as our participants, which we had tp kindly ask their youger relatives to setup everything for them as well as standby closely in case there are any technical issues. Also, internet quality is a restriction we always need to take into consideration.