About Me

Technical product manager | Data analyst | UX Researcher

Greetings! I'm Pradthana Jarusriboonchai. I lead an in-house a/b experimental platform initiative at KBTG. My role as a product owner and manager is multifaceted, encompassing the definition of requirements, ensuring feature delivery by our developers within deadlines. I also collaborate closely with business teams to design a/b experiments as well as do the analysis for the results. I also advocate to promote a culture of experimentation and data-driving decision-making across our organization.

Prior to my current role, I thrived as a UX researcher, specializing in conducting qualitative explorative studies and usability assessments across diverse digital product domains, including banking, restaurant services, and online shopping.

My journey has not only sharpened my technical expertise but has also cultivated my abilities in leadership, collaboration, and effective communication as a technical product manager.

If you are interested in discussing about a/b testing, data analysis, product strategy or have questions about UX research, please feel to get in touch via my LinkedIn